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The first stable 64bit version of Easylinux OS has been released. The version is named 0.4 . This is by far the most tweaked Unity interface with custom launchers and unity lenses. Most derivatives of Ubuntu has decided to stick to GNOME classic interface.However, since new users would be using Unity by default, it was best thought tweaking Unity launchers would be a good idea. View full article »

I have tried many a times to try and run Google Talk using  wine but have failed miserably.  But now I have found a way to use Google Talk in Ubuntu. Thanks to an member, puneet, who directed me to a nice way to get google talk on Ubuntu . The four simple steps and 15 mins of your precious time will be enough. :) View full article »

Unity , which was released with Ubuntu 11.04 has one glaring error with compiz. It has a memory leak!
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Last year, I had this issue with the pulseaudio engine . There was no sound at all and launching gnome-volume-control would say “waiting for sound system”. Then deleting the ~/.pulse folder did the trick.

Today, after reinstalling my system with my  newly built custom Easylinux OS, while keeping my /home folder intact, I fell prey to this horrible beast again! And this time I was not that lucky! View full article »

Returning to the roots!

After a stint with blogger for about a fortnight, I am back with WordPress and I swear my allegiance to WordPress as long as it brings me good traffic to my blog. :).

It has been quite a nightmare getting a Blogger blog to get recognized and bring traffic to it. I dont know if its my bad luck or its an issue with Bing and Yahoo searches, they would not recognize a blogger blog at all! It never could crawl the pages of the blog! I am  flabbergasted!

I really did not have the time and patience to wait and watch( two weeks is more than enough i guess! ) so here I am.

Btw, I find WordPress interface much more intuitive and easy to use than the ever so confusing Blogger. This is the second time I have left Blogger in 4 years!

A lot of my friends want to try out Linux. Either they have heard from someone or just want to try something different. However, whenever they have tried to look around they have been left confused and didnt know where to start, what to do. And, they wanted something which would just work! Just like their pre-installed Windows systems. View full article »
If you have customised your own user login with custom launchers in Ubuntu 11.04’s Unity interface like the ones below and you want to make sure these customisations stay when you create a new user account on your system, you can do it very easily.

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The Nice Answer Badge!

I have been a regular visitor to for the last few months. Today , I earned a nice answer badge for a small customized Icon on Unity launcher for UbuntuSoftware Centre.
Soon after the release of Ubuntu 11.04, there were blogs popping up with news reports of failed attempts to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 from Ubuntu 10.10 and its derivative operating systems.

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Most of you have heard about Connman. For those who haven’t, Connman, is a network-manager alternative for Linux OS . This connection manager is being development by Intel, primarily for MeeGo. It looks rather neat when compared to the current network-manger which ships with Ubuntu or any Linux distro.
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